Kerry vows 'enduring coalition' against IS

US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks to the media on the formation of the Iraqi government, at the US Department of State in Washington, DC, on September 8, 2014Top US diplomat John Kerry vowed to build an enduring international coalition to defeat the Islamic State, saying almost every nation had a role to play in eliminating the jihadists terrorizing Iraq and Syria. Speaking only hours before leaving on a mission to solidify the hardening front against the Islamic State (IS), Kerry praised the “new and inclusive” Iraqi cabinet agreed late Monday as a “major milestone” for the war-torn country. It had “the potential to unite all of Iraq’s diverse communities,” he said, referring to the sectarian divisions which have plagued the country for years. With over 40 nations already set to join the US-led coalition to fight the group also known as ISIL, Kerry said “now is the time for Iraq’s leaders to govern their nation with the same vision and sense of purpose that helped to bring this new government together.”

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