Labrador's bid for Majority Leader will give conservatives a chance to vent

FILE - In this Sept. 4, 2013 file photo, Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho is interviewed by The Associated Press in Boise, Idaho. The government shutdown could last for many days or even weeks, congressional insiders say, because politically safe members in both parties feel little pressure to compromise. Recent political trends -- including heavily gerrymandered districts that make many House Democrats and Republicans virtual shoo-ins for re-election -- insulate lawmakers from events and emotions beyond their home regions. Gerrymandering has existed for decades. But election results and lawmakers’ voting patterns show that the House is more sharply divided along party lines than at almost any point in modern times. (AP Photo/John Miller, File)Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador is running as an alternative to California Rep. Kevin McCarthy in the race to become the next House Majority Leader.

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