Last 'Jungle' children bussed to shelters around France

France expects Britain to take in the lion's share of the youngsters who travelled alone to Calais, hoping to make it to England where many of them have friends or familyOver 1,600 unaccompanied minors left in Calais after the demolition of the infamous “Jungle” migrant camp were bussed to shelters across France on Wednesday, even as many still hoped to be admitted to Britain. Two days after the last makeshift shelters in the camp were destroyed, buses took 1,616 children, mainly teenagers, away from the container housing where they had slept for the past week. The closure of the container housing is one of the last acts in a major French operation to clear Calais of migrants who have long used the area as a staging post for attempts to sneak into Britain, stowed away on trucks or trains crossing the Channel.

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