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WASHINGTON, January 21, 2014 – I’ve never believed the twaddle, produced mostly by GOP propagandists, that Hillary Clinton is “inevitable.” Presumably her opponents must all pull together and vote for some RINO picked by the Republican National Committee, in order to keep this she-devil from becoming president.It may be to Christie’s advantage, assuming the electorate is moving toward the Left, that there is so little ideological space between him and Hillary. But that suggests that the outcome of the race will have no ideological significance. Neither candidate if elected will likely pull this country toward the right, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the “moderate” Christie ran to Hillary’s left on immigration during the presidential campaign. Christie has already upped the GOP ante on illegal immigrants by granting these residents the right to attend state universities in New Jersey. I predict the two candidates will compete for the Latino vote by seeing who can coddle undocumented residents more ostentatiously.I doubt, moreover, that Christie has been mortally wounded by the fallout from the three-day lane-closing on the GW Bridge in September. This act of revenge against Democratic voters, masterminded by Christie’s former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly, has been getting headlines in the predictable quarters. The pro-Hillary media have stressed this incident for weeks although it has still to be linked directly to the governor, and the people who were stranded on the bridge have been encouraged by guess-whom? to bring charges against Hillary’s likely rival. Yesterday I watched on TV as West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller began tearing out his hair over those who were caught in the manufactured traffic jam. I’m still waiting for Jay to show similar solicitude over the victims of the Benghazi killings.None of this amounts to a hill of beans.Thomas Sowell, who can’t stop cheering every time he mentions Christie, notes the obvious when he points out January 15:“ The fact that Christie is the current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 and ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls, makes him a target for a partisan media.”Sowell may be stating something that is self-evident, that the media are desperate to stop Christie before he overturns what may be the last presidential bid of their perennial sweetheart except when Barack Obama suddenly appeared on the scene in 2004 and outscored Hill on the left. The “partisan media” are are working overtime to dig up and throw dirt at Christie, before the GOP can go after their candidate. And let’s not doubt that the Republicans have accumulated a brief against the war-worn Mrs. Clinton that could sink a ship.

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