Libya in new crisis as Islamist 'terrorists' seize airport

Smoke billows from buildings during clashes between Libyan security forces and armed Islamist groups in the eastern coastal city of Benghazi on August 23, 2014Islamist militias openly challenged the legitimacy of parliament after announcing their seizure of Tripoli airport, plunging Libya’s rocky political transition into fresh crisis on Sunday. The militias, which the elected parliament branded as “terrorists”, said the house had lost its legitimacy through its alleged complicity with a deadly air strike on the airport that the Islamists blamed on Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. “The Emirates and Egypt are implicated in this cowardly aggression,” Mohammed Hadia, spokesman for the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) militia, said late on Saturday. Parliament, for its part, fired back at the militias which announced their seizure of Tripoli airport after a weeks-long battle against nationalist rivals for control of the strategic facility.

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