Libya Islamists press advance on key oil region

Fajr Libya fighters guard a position their group took from a rival militia south of Wershfana, west of Tripoli, on October 13, 2014Islamist fighters clashed with pro-government forces for the second consecutive day Sunday as they pressed an advance on a key oil region in eastern Libya, sources on both sides reported. Separately, at least 17 Fajr Libya militiamen were killed in an air strike by pro-government forces near the Ras Jedir border crossing with Tunisia, a military source told AFP. Fajr Libya, an anti-government coalition of Islamist militias, said its men were advancing on Al-Sidra oil terminal in Al-Hilal region, which is also home to the Ras Lanuf and Brega terminals. A news agency linked to the group quoted Islamist commander Tareq Shanina as saying his men “advanced toward Al-Sidra” and were coming under air attack from pro-government forces.

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