London's financial district toasts Conservative poll wins

Conservative campaigners from the Conservative Future group watch the general election coverage at a bar in central London on May 7, 2015In London’s freewheeling financial district, a “work hard, play hard” Conservative heartland, a group of workers erupted in delight at a pub as exit polls flashed a swing towards Prime Minister David Cameron. Shouts of “Hooray!” were let out as the surprise projections were announced on television screens at the pub in the City of London, a tightly-packed district of skyscrapers that is traditionally a key source of support and donors for the party. The economy is doing well after five years with the Conservatives,” said Grant, referencing what has been a solid economic recovery since 2010. In the City of London, however, the Conservatives’ stewardship of the economy appeared to be their trump card over the main opposition Labour party.

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