Maduro congratulates Castro brothers on new ties with US

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in Quito on December 5, 2014Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a frequent critic of the United States, congratulated the Castro brothers Friday on Cuba’s rapprochement with Washington, but warned that the embargo on the island would remain for a long time. This month’s historic announcement that the United States and Cuba were restoring diplomatic relations after half a century of hostility undercuts the stridently anti-American stance Maduro has adopted as his country slides into a deepening economic crisis. Venezuela had long found in its close ally Cuba a comrade in its anti-American diatribe, but the dynamic has now changed. “Much more than good news is the real possibility that the United States recognizes the sacred right of Cuba to be free and sovereign,” Maduro said in a letter to President Raul Castro published by Cuban media.

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