Make Hillary Likable Again: Democrats seek to recast Clinton

Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Clinton appears on a video monitor at the Democratic National Convention in PhiladelphiaBy John Whitesides and Amanda Becker PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – When Hillary Clinton first ran for president in 2008 she was badly stung by a backhanded compliment from rival Barack Obama, who called her “likable enough” before going on to win the Democratic nomination and the White House. Eight years later, with her party’s nomination to succeed Obama firmly in hand, the question of her likability, trustworthiness and honesty still hangs over her bid to become America’s first woman president, this time in a Nov. 8 election against Republican Donald Trump. The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week is, in part, an effort to reintroduce her to American voters, more than half of whom view her unfavorably, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

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