Mexican student protesters vandalise SUV carrying mayor

Classmates and relatives of the 43 missing students protest in front Acapulco's Mayor Luis Walton's SUV on December 19, 2014Dozens of protesting students vandalised an SUV carrying the mayor of the Mexican coastal city of Acapulco on Friday, demanding justice over the presumed murder of 43 classmates. After half an hour of tension, Mayor Luis Walton Aburto exited his vehicle to speak with the demonstrators, who expressed their grievances and demanded they be allowed to protest freely. Walton Aburto was travelling with a driver and several bodyguards, and was able to leave in another vehicle. Some Acapulco shopping centres, which are expecting hundreds of tourists during the Christmas and New Year holiday season, rushed to place barriers at their main entrances, fearing attacks by the protesters, some of whom were hooded.

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