Mexico catches mayor blamed for students' disappearance

Former Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de Los Angeles Pineda were detained by federal police in Mexico CityMexican police detained Tuesday a fugitive ex-mayor and his wife accused of ordering a police attack that left six people dead and 43 college students missing since last month. Jose Luis Abarca, the former mayor of the city of Iguala, and Maria de los Angeles Pineda were captured by federal officers before dawn in Mexico City’s populous working-class district of Iztapalapa, officials said. The arrest raised hopes new clues could emerge about the whereabouts of the students in a case that has drawn international outrage, sparked national protests and shaken the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto. Mexican media showed pictures of the small, grey tin-roof house where the couple was arrested, far from their opulent life in Iguala, where Abarca owned jewelry stores and his wife allegedly ran local operations for the Guerreros Unidos drug gang.

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