Miami Valley Residents To Protest Kasich’s New Voting Laws | WYSO

A group of Dayton-area residents are holding an event Wednesday to protest state legislation they say limits voting rights.

One bill signed into law by Governor John Kasich last week curtails early voting days, and the other prohibits county boards of elections from mailing out absentee ballots on their own, and requires legislative approval for mailings by the Secretary of State. The early voting law eliminates what’s known as the “Golden Week,” during which voters have been able to both register and cast early ballots at the same time.

Heather Atkinson with the IUE-CWA says she’s concerned about how the new rules will affect working people in Montgomery County.

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Kasich to sign restrictive Ohio voting bills | MSNBC

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio plans to sign a pair of restrictive voting bills passed this week by GOP lawmakers, a spokesman for the Republican governor confirmed to msnbc.

“He will sign them both, possibly later today,” said Rob Nichols in an email Friday morning.

The news takes the steam out of an effort by a coalition of voting-rights groups to pressure Kasich to veto the bills. It means opponents of the measures will have to rely on a potential legal challenge, whose prospects are uncertain. If left in place, the twin bills could have a real impact on turnout this fall and in 2016, especially among minorities.

At issue are two GOP-backed voting bills passed by the state legislature Wednesday night. One would cut six days from the state’s early voting period. Those six days are the so-called “Golden Week,” when Ohioans can register and vote on the same day—among the most effective ways of bringing new voters into the process. The other would make it far harder for voters to receive absentee ballots, and make it easier to reject absentee ballots if they’re missing certain information.

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Ability to vote early to be curtailed in Ohio’s November election

Associated Press

Published: February 26, 2014 – 10:22 PM

COLUMBUS: The Republican legislature and Secretary of State this week enacted voting provisions that could affect the ability of some people to vote in the nation’s hotly contested swing state.

On Wednesday, Ohio lawmakers approved a bill setting forth when provisional ballots are counted in the political swing state and what it takes to cast one.

The measure requires voters to provide their date of birth and current address on the provisional ballot envelope and to check additional boxes in order for the ballot to be eligible to be counted.

Provisional ballots include those cast when voters don’t bring proper ID to the polls or cast them in the wrong precinct.

The bill does, however, require that provisional ballots be counted if a person arrives at the correct polling location but votes in the wrong precinct. Some polling places contain voting machines for several precincts.

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