Migrant pressure rises in Serbia as Hungary gets tough

A man holds his baby in a tent at a migrant camp situated on the Serbia-Hungary border in HorgosExhausted but hopeful, hundreds of migrants defy summer heat in a makeshift camp on the Serbia-Hungary border, determined to reach the EU member nation despite tough new measures aimed at stopping them. A few metres from the metal fence topped with barbed wire which marks the border, dozens of tents, many cobbled together from blankets and branches, offer the only shelter to some 600 migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. “As a result of new legislative measures in Hungary, which took effect on 5 July, the number of refugees and migrants on the Serbian side of the border has doubled over the last few days to above 1,300, the majority of them women and children,” the UN team in Serbia said in a statement Friday.

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