Military-Industrial-Surveillance Industry Profits as the More Lethal Threat of Climate Change Is Ignored

An email came to BuzzFlash at Truthout the other day with a blazing red warning of five national security threats: “Cyber Attacks • Counterintelligence • Terrorism • Weapons of Mass Destruction • Counterspace.”

The organization sending the email, the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA), primarily enriches itself off of defense and national security industry conferences in which vendors market their services and hardware to government buyers. (It is a subsidiary of a larger conference firm,IQPC.) The IDGA meetings have  a veneer of top military, surveillance and prison industry speakers, but the real action for contracts is in the exhibition areas.

Upcoming conferences include:
Homeland Security Conference – April 2014
Big Data for Government and Defense – April 2014
Border Management Southwest 2014 – May 2014
Arctic Patrol and Reconnaisance – May 2014
Armored Vehicles Latin America – May 2014
Prisons and Correctional Facilities – June 2014
Mission Command – June 2014

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