Money in politics: Cash rules everything around us

Money in politics: Cash rules everything around us (via The Economist)

AS A foreign journalist covering politics in America, I have learned to interpret the manoeuvrings of politicians in financial as well as political terms. A candidate for governor says something crazy about guns. Why? To shore up his position with…

Money in politics: Sky’s the limit (via The Economist)

SHAUN MCCUTCHEON, a businessman from Alabama, wanted to give a symbolic $1,776 to 28 Republican candidates for Congress in 2012. Because of federal limits imposed after the Watergate scandal and upheld by the Supreme Court in 1976 in Buckley v Valeo…

US court removes limits on overall campaign donations (via AFP)

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday removed the overall limit on contributions a donor can make to political candidates, a move which critics say could give rich individuals unfair influence over elections. The move was immediately hailed by Republicans…

On the Money: ‘McCutcheon’ Decided (via Moyers & Company)

Every week Moyers & Company producer Gail Ablow shares her must-read money and politics stories. The moment that Supreme Court watchers had anticipated finally arrived Wednesday, as the Supreme Court struck down “aggregate limits” on political contributions…

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