Nebraska Election Forecast

There is one question on the minds of every person interested in Nebraska politics — who will win in the general election. Below you’ll find the PoliticIt election forecast for Nebraska  PoliticIt has calculated the It Score for each candidate.

The It Score measures a politician’s digital influence. PoliticIt has found high correlation between a candidate’s strong digital influence and her success on election day. So far the It Score has correctly predicted election outcomes in more than 300 races with 90 percent accuracy. The candidate with the highest It Score in each race is the one most likely to win according to our data. To learn more about the It Score, click here

First Name Last Name Race It Score
Jeff Fortenberry Congressional district 1 79
Korey Reiman Congressional district 1 21
Lee Terry Congressional district 2 74
John Ewing Congressional district 2 26
Adrian Smith Congressional district 3 85
Mark Sullivan Congressional district 3 15
Bob Kerrey U.S. Senate 49
Deb Fischer U.S. Senate 43
Russell Anderson U.S. Senate 4
Joe Swanson U.S. Senate 4

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