Nebraska Primary Forecast

What is the election forecast for the Nebraska primaries?  The “It Score” weighs in….

Last month we applied the It Score algorithm to local elections for the first time and ended up correctly forecasting both of Utah’s state conventions with 100% accuracy (  Recently we applied the algorithm to primaries in Wisconsin, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana.  To date…the It Score has a prediction rate of 88%.  Because of our success we decided to apply our magic math skills and giant data sets to the calculation of “It Scores” for the candidates in Nebraska.  Sorry for potentially spilling the beans early but hopefully it reduces some tension at the conventions.  Our results…

District 3

Republican Winner

Democrat Winner

The data suggests that Adrian Smith will be going against Mark Sullivan in the general election.

District 2

Republican Winner

                                                     Democrat Winner

The data suggests that Lee Terry will be going against John Ewing in the general election.

District 1

Republican Winner

                                                      Democrat Winner

The data suggests that Jeffrey Fortenberry will be going against Korey Reiman in the general election.

Republican Winner

Democrat Winner

Jon Bruning’s It Score of 19 indicates that he will likely defeat Deb Fischer who only has an It Score of 13 despite a recent endorsement from Sarah Palin.  It should be noted…however…that the impact of this endorsement is likely not fully represented in the score because the endorsement is so recent.  Whether it’s Bruning or Fischer…both candidates will find a worthy candidate in their likely Democrat contender…Joseph Kerrey…who possesses an It Score of 17.

These are the It Score predictions.  PoliticIt is the first big data company in election politics.  The It Score is calculated using sophisticated machine learning and giant data sets.  We have been calculating the It Score for over 10 months and our results indicate that there is a strong correlation between the It Score and traditional national polls. 

If you’re a politician and you want to improve your score email us.

PoliticIt is a boot-strapped college start-up based in Utah. We are a hip group of economists, math people, graphic designers, and software junkies chasing the American Dream.  We are a jolly non-partisan lot of tribes people interested in everything politics.  We dream of a world consisting of political transparency.  We love democracy.  

Nebraska election results will be posted when available.

Leave us comments below.  We are a humble lot in need of feedback and are always interested in improvement.  Please check out our website too.  We need you’re highly valued opinion.  It’s free too. 

Happy voting,

Josh Light is a Co-Founder and CEO of PoliticIt.
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