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New Trick For Getting Twitter Followers – Content Microtargeting

One of the most effective ways for getting more Twitter followers is to practice what we like to call content microtargeting.  Content microtargeting is the art of promoting specific content directly to an audience.

How effective is it for getting Twitter followers?  We used content microtargeting on the following tweet:


content microtargeting


In the first 9 minutes PoliticIt got 55 new followers, 1 mention, 2 favorites, and 3 retweets.  Check it out:


content microtargetingcontent microtargeting


This is literally the best tactic that we’ve found for growing your Twitter account, and driving engagement.  4 hours later this tweet had 10 retweets, 5 favorites, and 4 mentions.

How To Content Microtarget On Twitter

Step 1: Tweet Something


content microtargeting


We’ve found that including a picture can increase your clicks by 144%.

Step 2: Target Keywords With The Grow Tool

PoliticIt Campaign has a powerful feature called The Grow Tool.  The Grow Tool allows you to follow people who are talking about specific things.  Simply type a keyword into the tool using quotes, and press enter.


PoliticIt Campaign The Grow Tool


This will pull up everyone who has recently talked about that keyword on Twitter, and populate them in the following area.  In this example we have targeted people talking about Rand Paul.


Grow Tool targeting people talking about Rand Paul

Step 3: Follow Targets

Go through the list of Twitter accounts, and select which ones you’d like to follow…then simply press follow.  The Grow Tool will then automatically follow the people you selected.

In our example we targeted “Rand Paul” (74 people), “Cheney” (54 people), and “Halliburton”(60 people).  These three keywords were targeted because they were the primary subjects discussed in the article we shared in our tweet.

Why It Works

When you follow someone on Twitter they receive an email that looks something like this:


following people on Twitter


There are three notable things to mention regarding this email:

1) The Follow button serves as a strong call to action for the user to follow you back

2) You have just successfully sent an email to a person who is probably going to be interested in your content, or organization.  At the very least you’ve successfully received an impression with someone in your target market, or someone who talks to your target market

3) Users who are interested in why you followed them will click on your profile, and they’ll see this:


following people on twitter


Notice how one of the first things they will see is your recent tweet about Rand Paul, Dick Cheney, and Halliburton….words that you targeted with the Grow Tool, and words that they’ve recently used on Twitter.  It’s no surprise that content microtargeting works so well.


  • You will rapidly grow your following with people who are actually interested in your content
  • When you use quotes you automatically target people who recently talked about your keyword…meaning that you’re only following active Twitter users.  Active Twitter users are more likely to engage with your content
  • You get what we like to call “the cascade effect”.  The cascade effect happens when you connect with someone using content microtargeting, and they browse your Twitter stream engaging with other content because it’s similar to the first post that they have seen.  The cascade effect should happen every time you use content microtargeting on Twitter.  If it doesn’t happen then you know that you’re not being consistent with your content on Twitter.  Check out the cascade effect we’ve gotten in our example:


the cascade effect

the cascade effect


Twitter’s Terms Of Use

Twitter’s Terms of Use condemns the art of aggressive following.  Aggressive following is the act of following and unfollowing random people to increase your follow base.

Content microtargeting is not aggressive following because you are strategically reaching out to people in your industry, or individuals who are interested in the content you’re sharing.

If you started to use The Grow Tool to target random people who had nothing to do with your content or industry then you would be in violation of Twitter’s Terms of Use.

How Many People You Can Follow

Twitter sets limitations on the number of followers you can follow.  The follow limit is determined by the number of followers you currently have.

If you have less than ~1,800 followers then you can only follow 2,000 people.  Once you get over ~1,800 followers you can follow 110% of your following.

New Accounts

Brand new accounts should send out 25 to 50 tweets before they start utilizing content microtargeting.  If you don’t build up some tweets before you start following then individuals you follow may think you are a spam account.  If they report you to Twitter then your account could be temporarily suspended.

Tricks For Overcoming Limitations


When Twitter stops you from following any more people then you can unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back.  Doing this will bring down the amount of people you’re following, and allow you to follow new people who may follow you back.

When unfollowing make sure that you’re not following, and unfollowing in the same day because you want to give people enough time to follow you back.  We usually recommend following until you can’t follow anymore, and then waiting a week before you start to unfollow.

Recommended Follow Schedule

If you have less than 1,800 followers then you should only follow 100 people per day.

For every thousand followers you can follow an additional 100 people per day.  So if you have 2,000 followers you can follow 200 people per day, 3,000 followers you can follow 300 per day, etc.

We don’t recommend following more than 500 people per day.  We usually follow between 100 to 300 per day.

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PoliticIt Campaign has a 14 day no obligation free trial.  After that it’s only 30 dollars per month.

(Tweet Photo Credit: Flickr via Donkey Hotey)

(Headline Photo Credit: Flickr via Kooroshication)

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