New York governor pushes for $15 statewide minimum wage

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gives a thumbs on the stage at an event to discuss the minimum wage at the Javitz Convention Center in New YorkBy Katie Reilly NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday he wants the state to raise its minimum wage over the next six years to $15 an hour, the highest of any U.S. state. The proposal calls for the minimum wage in New York City to rise to $15 an hour at the end of 2018 and take effect statewide in July 2021, mirroring a state order signed on Thursday that applies only to the fast-food industry. It would mark a significant hike from New York state’s current hourly minimum wage of $8.75, which will increase to $9 an hour on Dec. 31, and faced immediate opposition from business groups that called the hike unrealistic.

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