No surrender: Ukraine rebels confident despite losses

A pro-Russian gunman holds a piece of shrapnel from a rocket after shelling in downtown Donetsk on August 22, 2014Ukrainian forces may be pummelling them daily and key leaders might have just quit but defiant pro-Russian rebels say any talk of them being on the back foot is just crude propaganda from Kiev. Manning a barricade on the eastern edges of the besieged rebel bastion Donetsk insurgent fighter Grozny is categorical that the separatist forces will ultimately prevail. Despite ferocious mortar fire raining down on the area around him for days, Grozny — who says he was born in east Ukraine but grew up in Russia’s Chechnya — claims it’s the Ukrainian army that is on the run. Fierce fighting still rages daily around Donetsk, casting doubt over government assertions that they have completely encircled insurgents in the city.

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