Notorious Greek fugitive arrested on bicycle

A picture released by Greek police shows convicted terrorist Christodoulos Xiros after his arrest on January 3, 2015A notorious Greek fugitive who absconded while serving a life sentence for acting as a hitman for an extreme left group was caught Saturday as he rode a bicycle while armed with a loaded pistol, police said. Christodoulos Xiros was taken into custody in the southern suburb of Anavyssos just shy of a year following his January 7, 2014 disappearance while on prison leave. Before its breakup in 2002, November 17 was one of Greece’s most violent far-left organisations, claiming responsibility for 23 assassinations during its 27-year span, including the 1975 killing of the CIA’s Athens station chief, Richard Welch. Several months later, authorities found DNA on a parcel bomb sent to a police station in the city of Itea that matched traces lifted from the car Xiros used to go into hiding.

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