NSA: Snowden does disservice to whistleblowers

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden appears by remote-controlled robot at a TED conference in Vancouver on March 18, 2014The deputy head of the NSA spying agency accused fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden on Thursday of displaying “amazing arrogance” in revealing US eavesdropping techniques. NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett argued that Snowden, hailed as a hero by many for exposing the vast scope of the National Security Agency’s online snooping, had done a disservice to whistleblowers. Ledgett was addressing the TED ideas conference through a hastily arranged videolink after Snowden, in a rare appearance from his Russian hideaway, had appeared in similar fashion two days earlier. “We didn’t realize that he was going to show up, so kudos to you guys for arranging a nice surprise like that,” Ledgett said, kicking off a video chat with TED curator Chris Anderson.

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