Number of Syrian refugees tops three million mark, UN says

A Syrian refugee child eats food which her mother (R) collected from a rubbish bin, in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 18, 2014“Syria’s intensifying refugee crisis will today surpass a record three million people,” the UN’s refugee agency said in a statement, adding that the number did not include hundreds of thousands of others who fled without registering as refugees. Less than a year ago, the number of registered Syrian refugees stood at two million, UNHCR said, pointing to reports of “increasingly horrifying conditions inside the country” to explain the surge. The increasingly fragmented conflict raging in Syria has claimed more than 191,000 lives since erupting in March 2011. In addition to the refugees, the violence has also displaced 6.5 million people within the country, meaning that nearly 50 percent of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, UNHCR said.

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