Obama: Climate Deal Will be Reached, ISIS Will be Destroyed

During talks with reporters today, Obama said that he was convinced that the summit being held in Paris would result in a successful deal. He stressed that such a deal is crucial for national security and the global economy. While the Paris-based conference focuses on global warming, many leaders have also touched on the topic of terrorism due to recent events in Paris and the rest of the world. Obama brought up the importance of calming the tensions between Turkey and Russia and refocusing efforts on destroying ISIS, which he said he was the common enemy. The following visualizations put the climate issue in context by showing a map of CO2 emissions by country as well as a visualization showing the change in ocean temperatures over time. Additionally, include the last two visualizations to cover the story line focusing on ISIS by showing ISIS’s global strategy as well as a live updating visualization of U.S. airstrikes on ISIS targets over time.

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