Obama Experiences Boost From RNC

Obama Surges Post Republican National Convention

Did Mitt Romney experience a boost from the Republican National Convention? The data indicates that he did, but not as much as President Obama. Romney experienced a 5.9 It Score increase while Obama enjoyed an 8.4 increase. This is surprising data considering that Romney enjoyed nearly double the exposure from mainstream media relative to his Democratic contender. Gary Johnson enjoyed some additional exposure during the convention as well, but ultimately experienced a 5.4 decline post-convention.

It will be interesting to track It Score fluctuations over the next week during the Democratic National Convention. Who do you think will experience the biggest increase in their It Score?

What is the It Score? The It Score measures a politician’s digital influence. Digital influence tends to correlate with election results. So far the It Score has been used to predict election outcomes in more than 200 races with 87% accuracy (CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch). The candidate with the highest It Score is likely winning in their race. How is the It Score calculated? The It Score is calculated by collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from what people are doing and saying in the internet, social networks, and in the real world. To learn more about the It Score click here.

Josh Light is a Co-Founder of PoliticIt.

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