Obama Holds Edge in Presidential Race

Obama’s It Score edges that of Mitt Romney’s. An It Score measures a politician’s digital influence, and we’ve found a tight correlation between a politician’s digital influence and his or her election success. Based on our data, it appears as though Obama is more likely to win than Romney.

Here’s how the race stacks up for all candidates who were on the ballot in at least 40 states. 

The It Score measures a politician’s digital influence.
Mitt Romney


Gary Johnson


So far the It Score has predicted election outcomes in more that 200 races with 87% accuracy (CNBCYahoo! FinanceWall Street Journal’s Market Watch). The candidate with the highest It Score is likely winning in their race. The It Score is calculated by collecting massive amounts of data from what people are doing and saying on the internet, on social networks, and in the real world. The algorithm learns like we do. When new data becomes available, it evolves to account for any new changes or predictions it made incorrectly. This allows the It Score to grow smarter over time. Below you’ll find It Scores that were calculated from data on July 12, 2012. To learn more about the It Score, check out this article by GigaOM or visit our About Us page.


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