Obama to outline strategy as US expands Iraq strikes

A flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies next to Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters standing on a tank as they hold a position on the front line in Khazer, near the Kurdish checkpoint of Aski kalak, west of Arbil, on September 7, 2014US President Barack Obama has announced he will unveil a strategy to defeat Islamic State as the US expanded its air campaign against the jihadists, and Arab states vowed to take all “necessary measures” to confront the threat. Premier-designate Haidar al-Abadi is hoping to bring some stability to Iraq’s fractious politics at a time when it is struggling to combat the threat from IS militants who have seized control of swathes of the country. The United States stepped up its month-long air campaign against IS on Sunday, striking targets around the strategic Haditha dam on the Euphrates River. Iraqi forces sought to capitalise on the air strikes, which have largely been limited to the north since they began on August 8, attacking jihadists in the area and retaking the town of Barwana.

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