Obama waits for Congress on Syria rebel aid

Rebels stand on the back of a truck driving through the eastern Syrian town of Deir Ezzor on March 10, 2014President Barack Obama learned Thursday that he may have a wait on his hands before Congress signs off on his plan to train and equip Syrian rebels, a key plank in his strategy to destroy Islamic State radicals. Obama oversaw Thursday the 13th anniversary commemorations of the September 11 attacks in 2001 — which fell, in a trace of bitter irony, hours after he steeled Americans for a new battle against Muslim fanaticism in the Middle East. At the same time, on Capitol Hill, the machinery of US government slowly slipped into gear, as lawmakers digested and considered how they would respond to Obama’s plan to take on IS, which has overrun swaths of Iraq and Syria, beheading two American reporters in its brutal surge. Several House Republicans emerged from a meeting to say a quick vote on authorization to empower vetted, moderate Syrian rebels was looking unlikely.

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