Obama’s Lead Increases, Johnson Falls

The most recent It Scores reveal that both Romney and Obama experienced a boost since the numbers were last run.  Previous It Scores had Obama at 67.2 and Romney at 48.9 (Sept 11, 2012).  The new It Scores show Obama at 75.19 and Romney at 52.66. 

Though both candidates received a boost Obama increased 4.24 more than Romney. 

Gary Johnson fell 6.2 leaving him with an It Score of 15.22.

Current standing:

Barack Obama: 75.19 (+7.96)

Mitt Romney:    52.66 (+3.71)

Gary Johnson:  15.22 (– 6.2)

Why the changes in the scores?  Here are some of the top news stories about each candidate that have occurred the last 7 days…


Gary Johnson: (in French use Chrome)

‘Get out of these embassies,’ Libertarian presidential candidate says

Mitt Romney:

Romney stands by comments in video but says they were ‘not elegantly stated’

Barack Obama:

Josh Light co-founder CEO at PoliticIt

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