Obese Egyptian could be freed from Guantanamo detention

An Egyptian who is obese and ailing was declared eligible for release Wednesday by a US government panel that reviews cases of those still held at the prison camp President Barack Obama has pledged to close. The Periodic Review Board, which contains members from six US government agencies, said in a statement that Tariq El-Sawah, 57, no longer represented a threat to US national security. Officials said that in making the determination, the board had “considered the detainee’s change of ideology and renunciation of violence and his status as one of the most compliant detainees at Guantanamo, as well as his recognition of his health status and his efforts to improve it. “The detainee is not in communication with extremists outside of Guantanamo and his family has committed to assist in his reintegration upon transfer,” the board added.

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