Observers Fear 'Dirty Brigade' Atrocities After ISIS Fight in Fallujah

Observers Fear 'Dirty Brigade' Atrocities After ISIS Fight in FallujahAs the Iraqi military digs in against ISIS in the battle for Fallujah, American human rights advocates and Iraqi activists are voicing alarm about the potential for more sectarian atrocities from some Iraqi forces and their militia allies in the event of victory – a possible continuation of captives being tortured and executed with impunity, often on camera. Over the weekend Iraqi officials confirmed that Iraq’s controversial Popular Mobilization Forces [PMFs], Shiite-dominated militia groups, are participating in the fight for Fallujah, just west of Baghdad in central Iraq. Human Rights Watch and the U.S. Departments of State and Defense have reported continued instances of war crimes over the past year in Sunni areas north of Baghdad such as Tikrit — showing that some groups in the military and militias on Baghdad’s payroll have not stopped committing abuses since an ABC News investigation revealed widespread atrocities posted on social media 14 months ago.

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