Old diseases return as Syrian doctors warn of 'medical disaster'

The destruction at Al-Kendi hospital in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo seen on December 21, 2013Syria is facing a “medical and humanitarian disaster” after nearly four years of war have gutted the country’s healthcare system, leading to a return of eradicated diseases, a group of Syrian doctors said in Paris Monday. A lack of doctors, supplies and drugs have plunged the country back into the medical dark ages, with polio and scabies back with a vengeance as many children are no longer vaccinated, while the majority of births take place at home. “The situation is unbearable, catastrophic and many in Syria no longer have access to medical care,” said Oubaida Al Moufti, a French-Syrian doctor and member of the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations (UOSSM). He was speaking to journalists late Monday at the foreign ministry in Paris which lends support to the organisation.

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