Opinion: Bills to Watch: HB 31 – Enticing a Minor Amendments, Rep. R. Curt Webb

(R) Curt Webb

Due to technological advances, Utah’s laws have not been able to keep up with sexual predators and their attempts to seduce minors. Currently, it is only illegal to seduce a minor over the internet if it is done via computer or telephone and it is not technically illegal toattempt to solicit a minor through these types of communications, only to actually solicit a minor through these types of electronic communications. It is for this reason that Representative R. Curt Webb (R – Logan, District 5) is proposing HB 31 – Enticing a Minor Amendments.

The bill is a simple one. First it expands the definition of what a “text message” is to include any type of electronic device (not just cell phones or computers). Of course, one would be hard pressed to come up with any other sort of broad technological device that would fit this mold, but, none the less, Webb is preparing for the future. The second, and more interesting part, is that Webb is making it a crime to attempt to solicit a minor. Though the courts would undoubtedly use a “reasonable” standard to deduce what attempted solicitation actually is, lawmakers must be careful when using such a term, if only because it could inadvertent place an innocent person in some hot water. Is this probable? No. But is it possible? Yes. Again, I trust the courts to make a proper decision, but things can get squishy when we use such terms. The third part of the bill gives teeth to these new standards. Various levels of felonies are attached to these attempted violations through new technological means, and these penalties appear to be stiff, but fair.

These simple changes to our state law would immediately benefit our youth as its expansion of powers would give law enforcement more power to convict those who wish to harm our children. Furthermore, the bill plans ahead for any sort of new technology that may be coming down the pipe that does not neatly fit into the mold of “computer” or “cell phone” (Google Google’s perhaps?). By enacting this legislation, we are ensuring that our youth will be better protected, and that those who wish to commit such terrible crimes will have an assured punishment.

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Political Writer Curtis Haring
Curtis Haring
Curtis Haring is the founder of the online publication Blue in Red Zion. He is a proud liberal and Democrat who values healthy debate over partisan rancor. Curtis holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah. He resides in downtown Salt Lake City and can be contacted at curtis.haring@gmail.com.


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