Outrage and angst on inter-Korean border

A vehicle leaving the Kaesong joint industrial zone passes through disinfectant spray before a checkpoint at the CIQ immigration centre near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North an South Korea, in Paju on February 11, 2016A sullen mood of anger and anxiety hung over scores of South Korean businessmen crossing the border Thursday into North Korea to save what they could of a decade-long investment. A day after Seoul announced it was shutting down the jointly run Kaesong industrial park, which lies 10 kilometres (six miles) inside North Korea, the heavy border traffic was almost exclusively in one direction… northwards. Given barely any notice of the government’s decision, owners of the 124 companies operating factories in Kaesong dispatched trucks and managers to the complex in the early morning to start removing finished goods and equipment.

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