PA Gov. Tom Corbett Still Under Fire For Education Cuts

A helicopter circled high above the Philadelphia magnet high school, the thump of its propellers drowned out only by the voices of protesters expecting to see Gov. Tom Corbett.

The governor was scheduled to present Central High with an academic award for high math and reading scores. But the protesters, who included students, did not want him there.

They proclaimed Central has succeeded despite losing programs and staff after $1 billion in federal and state money was cut from Corbett’s education budget in 2011-12 to help close an anticipated $4.2 billion deficit.

“It is a travesty for the governor to come to the scene of the crime to celebrate what he has nothing to do with,” the Rev. Alyn E. Waller’s voice boomed into a microphone. “We are here to say to the governor, ‘They did it without you.’ ”

via Gov. Tom Corbett’s 2011-12 education record is dissected – mcall.com.

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