Pentagon chief tries to calm Mideast jitters over Iran deal

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is greeted by military personnel including Col. Robert Paddock, (3rd L), Royal Jordanian Air Force Brig Gen. Zaid Negresh, (4th L) and Mansour al Jabour (2nd R), as he arrives at a Jordanian Air Base, July 21, 2015US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter sought to reassure anxious Middle East allies Tuesday over the Iran nuclear deal during a regional tour that includes stops in Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Carter met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a fierce critic of the landmark Iran accord, before flying on to Jordan, a key partner in the US-led war on the Islamic State (IS) group. Addressing military personnel from six nations in the anti-jihadist coalition at a Jordanian airbase, he said the United States and Israel had a “common commitment to countering Iranian malign influence in the region”.

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