Peshmerga fighters bring hope to Syria's Kobane

Kurdish peshmerga fighters wave a Kurdish flag from a military vehicle armed with a heavy infantry weapons as they ride towards the Syrian town of Kobane from the border town of Suruc, Turkey, October 31, 2014Iraqi peshmerga fighters prepared Saturday to join the fight against jihadists for the Syrian border town of Kobane, lifting hopes among residents of a turning point in the highly symbolic battle. The roughly 150 Iraqi fighters, many of them chanting “Kobane”, received a hero’s welcome as they crossed the frontier from Turkey late Friday to join fellow Kurds trying to repel the Islamic State (IS) group. The peshmerga “are making preparations, deploying weapons, getting to know the area”, Polat Can, a spokesman for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), said Saturday. The town has become a key battleground whose capture would be a major prize for the jihadists, giving them unbroken control of a long stretch of Syria’s border with Turkey.

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