PoliticIt featured in Aggie BluePrint

Ariell Allred with Aggie BluePrint recently sat down with PoliticIt for an interview. Here’s an excerpt from the first two paragraphs of the Aggie BluePrint story on PoliticIt.

Lunch meetings at Takara Sushi are a regular occurrence for the PoliticIt group, a politically-themed team comprised of various USU students and professors. The weekly meeting gives them a chance to go over business while enjoying good friends and food. At one particular meeting last August, they brainstormed and chatted while dining on various sushi rolls. Amidst the friendly chatter came an idea for a website that tracked and profiled politicians. With the 2012 presidential race coming up, the timing couldn’t be better, they thought.
From there, the idea snowballed. The group gave each other assignments dealing with site content, conceptual design and research. Excitement filled the restaurant’s air as ideas rolled off the tongues of the creators of a company that specializes in making prognostications in elections and other political events.
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PoliticIt provides election software for politicians and special interest groups.  The software provides voter/donor micro-targeting in social networks, social media management, daily It Scores, competitor tracking, and digital influence tools.  To sign up for your free trial please visit us at www.politicit.com/politicitcampaign.

Sterling Morris is a co-founder at PoliticIt. He enjoys studying economics, politics, and reading in his spare time. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn. He can be reached at sterling.morris@gmail.com.

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