PoliticIt Interviews Idaho State Delegates

PoliticIt visited Idaho’s Republican State Convention recently. During our visit, we had a chance to interview a number of elected delegates about how they learn about politicians, who their voting for, and more.

Daniel White

Andrea Todd

Daniel Luker

Lathen Sonnenberg

Sterling Morris

Sterling Morris is a co-founder at PoliticIt. He enjoys studying economics, politics, and reading in his spare time. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn

PoliticIt provides It Scores on political races. An It Score measures a politician’s digital influence. It Scores have correctly predicted more than 90 election outcomes in 2012 with 87% accuracy indicating that digital influence seems to correlate with election results.

PoliticIt provides campaign software for politicians and special interest groups. The software provides voter/donor micro-targeting in social networks, social media management, daily It Scores, competitor tracking, and digital influence tools. To sign up for your free trial please visit us at www.politicit.com/politicitcampaign.

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