Pope Francis gets rapturous welcome in New York

Pope Francis makes his way down 5th Avenue in New York City on his way to St. Patrick's in New York City September 24, 2015Pope Francis received a rapturous welcome to New York, where adoring crowds cheered the head of the Catholic church gliding down Fifth Avenue in his popemobile before being counselled against greed at evening prayers. The head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, who has made poverty a focus of his ministry, was driven past some of the most opulent boutiques in New York en route to a recently refurbished St Patrick’s Cathedral. There he led evening prayers for dignitaries and members of the clergy, expressing solidarity with Muslims after a stampede killed at least 717 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, paying tribute to women, to the huge delight of Americans, and cautioning worshippers against the excesses of wealth.

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