Pope pushes dialogue with Asian nations like China

Pope Francis speaks during a meeting with Asian bishops at the Shrine of Haemi in South Korea, on August 17, 2014Pope Francis on Sunday championed a “creative” Catholicism in Asia that reflects the region’s diversity, and urged countries like China and North Korea to respond by fostering a proper dialogue with the Vatican. In a speech to Catholic bishops from 22 Asian countries, the pope said the Church had no choice but to adapt when communicating its message across a region of dramatic contrasts. “On this vast continent, which is home to a great variety of cultures, the Church is called to be versatile and creative,” he told the bishops at a martyrs’ shrine some 150 kilometres south of Seoul on the penultimate day of a visit to South Korea. It is the first papal visit for 15 years to Asia — a region the Vatican sees as having enormous growth potential to offset dwindling numbers in the United States and Europe.

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