Pot, abortion and bear-baiting: Americans vote

Kirby Vining (C), a candidate for Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5E09, speaks to a voter outside a polling station in Northwest Washington, DC, November 4, 2014Abortion, marijuana, gay marriage, GMOs and bear-baiting: Americans voted Tuesday on a welter of local and national issues, on the sidelines of the US midterm elections. Voters in four states — Alaska, Florida, Oregon and Washington state — were asked the question, be it to authorize possession, tax, sale or consumption of pot for medical or recreational purposes. It is still against federal law to consume, sell and possess cannabis, but some 20 states have either partially or fully decriminalized it — notably including Colorado and Washington state, which took the biggest steps last year. Fixed at $7.25 by federal law, it was the subject of votes in five states (Arkansas, Alaska, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota) and some 20 towns and cities.

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