Pressure on Turkey as IS links to Ankara bombing deepen

The bodies of bomb attack victims are covered with banners and flags as Turkish riot police secure the area near the main train station in Turkey's capital Ankara, on October 10, 2015Two weeks after more than a hundred people were killed in an Ankara bomb attack, Turkey is still unravelling clues that suggest the Islamic State group was responsible, fuelling opposition anger over an apparently enormous security lapse by the government. Once again, TNT explosives packed with metal ball bearings devastated a pro-Kurdish rally: Ankara seemed a more ambitious version of the bombing in Suruc on the Syrian border in July, which left 34 people dead — and critics say the security forces should have seen it coming. Media reports this week said the national police headquarters had warned in September that IS militants were preparing a large attack in Turkey, such as hijacking a plane or detonating suicide bombs in a crowded location.

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