Pro-Life Marchers to Andrew Cuomo: 'We're Here, We're Pro-Life, Get Used to It'

March for Life attendees had a message for Andrew Cuomo after the Democratic New York Governor remarked last week that pro-lifers, along with other “extreme conservatives” had “no place” in their home state State.

“We’re here, we’re pro-life, get used to it,” said Ross Little Jr., National Committeeman from Louisiana who marched with the RNC this year and told Breitbart News he was pleased the committee took time out of the meeting to take members to the march.

“Last I remember Governor Cuomo is a Roman Catholic and the things he said are all wrong,” said Father John Ryan, a retired priest from New Jersey, to Breitbart News.  “[Cuomo’s father Mario] straddled the fence. I’m old enough to remember him too. I think they have to remember their Catholic upbringing and some try to play in the crowd of whomever.”

According to reports, 500 marchers from Western New York attended the pro-life event in Washington on Wednesday.


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