Pro-Scottish independence side gaining ground: poll

Protesters hold Scottish independence referendum banners from the 'Yes' campaign outside the venue where Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron was to address the CBI Scotland Annual Dinner in Glasgow on August 28, 2014Support for Scottish independence appears to be gaining ground three weeks ahead of the historic referendum, according to a poll published on Friday. The Survation survey found 47 percent of respondents would vote “Yes” to independence, compared to 53 percent who would vote “No”, excluding people who were undecided. “Yes” campaign leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was widely seen to have won the debate against “No” campaign leader Alistair Darling. The survey was of 1,001 people of voting age, and found 11 percent of respondents said they remained undecided, a drop of 2 percent from the previous poll.

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