Pro-UK parties plan Scottish referendum fightback

A pedestrian walks past the 'Yes Scotland' campaign office in Maryhill, Glasgow, on August 19, 2014Supporters of keeping Scotland in the UK were gearing up on Monday to mount a fightback as buoyant separatists claimed they had the momentum ahead of next week’s referendum on independence. Following a poll on Sunday that put the pro-independence “Yes” camp ahead for the first time in the lengthy campaign, unionists are planning this week to unveil detailed plans for greater fiscal autonomy for Scotland if it votes on September 18 to retain the 300-year-old union with England. Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron, who spent the weekend with Queen Elizabeth II at her Scottish summer retreat, will try to convince sceptics that Edinburgh would swiftly get more powers following a “No” vote. Party leader Ed Miliband is expected to appear on a platform with his Scottish predecessor, former prime minister Gordon Brown, for the first time since the failed 2010 general election campaign.

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