Protesters angry at massacre block Acapulco airport

Demonstrators confront riot police during a protest against the suspected massacre of 43 missing Mexican students, near Acapulco's airport on November 10, 2014Protesters angry at the alleged massacre of 43 missing Mexican students blocked access to Acapulco’s airport on Monday in the latest demonstration over a case that has repulsed the nation. Thousands of people marched to the Pacific resort’s international airport, with parents of the students leading the demonstration along with comrades from the 43 young men’s teacher-training college in the southern state of Guerrero. “Nobody goes in, nobody goes out until further instructions,” a masked student, who blocked the entrance with seven other protesters armed with sticks, told AFP. Before reaching the airport, a group of masked protesters clashed with riot police who had tried to block their way, injuring 11 officers, a public security official said.

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