Qaeda kills 'dozens' in Yemen as government formed

Gunmen loyal to Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh protest threatened UN sanctions against the ousted strongman and insurgent chiefs on November 7, 2014 in the capital SanaaAl-Qaeda claimed Saturday that its militants killed dozens of Shiite rebels in Yemen and tried to assassinate the US ambassador, as a new government was announced in the strife-torn country. The cabinet was formed Friday shortly before the UN Security Council slapped sanctions against influential former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and two rebel commanders for threatening peace. In apparent retaliation on Saturday, Saleh’s General People’s Congress party sacked from its leadership Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, following accusations he solicited the sanctions. Yemen has been dogged by instability since an Arab Spring-inspired uprising forced Saleh from power in February 2012, and the Shiite Huthi rebels and Al-Qaeda have sought to step into the power vacuum.

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