Rand Paul: Ophthalmologist turned US Constitution guardian

A vendor sells 'Rand Paul for President' buttons at the Pottawattamie County Republican headquarters on August 4, 2014 in Council Bluffs, IowaInstead of an American flag, Rand Paul wears a red penny in his lapel, symbolizing the core of the politician’s philosophy: no more runaway debt, and relentless submission to the US Constitution. “We say they’ve taken all our money,” Paul said in 2010 shortly after his stunning Senate election. The 51-year-old doctor was sent to Washington by voters furious with a system that kept swelling the national debt, and anxious over what Paul sees as government zeal for war and encroachment on American civil liberties. Five years ago barely a handful of Tea Party ultra-conservatives had heard of the ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, Kentucky who spoke truth to power and often challenged Republican Party orthodoxy.

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