Republicans mull Clinton amid repeated Trump stumbles

Donald Trump allies openly upbraided their candidate on August 3, 2016, for his inability to stay on message, demanding more self-discipline by the political neophyteInternal party turmoil over Donald Trump spilled into public alarm Wednesday after unprecedented self-inflicted mistakes by the Republican nominee, as some conservatives prepared to do the unthinkable: vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. While “dump Trump” calls have continued since the 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney trashed the billionaire’s candidacy early this year, it is unclear whether the trickle of defections to Clinton’s camp will become a flood after a series of bad stumbles by Trump. A nightmare 48 hours for the embattled Republican flagbearer — he deepened his public feud with the parents of a fallen Muslim American soldier, refused to back House Speaker Paul Ryan’s re-election bid and used crass language while accepting a supporter’s Purple Heart as a gift — has highlighted Republicans’ concerns.

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